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Ethiopian Nile Dam Engineer Simegnew Bekele Found Dead in His Car – VIDEO

Ethiopian News, Mefthe July 26, 2018

Ethiopian Nile Dam Engineer Simegnew Bekele Found Dead in His Car - VIDEO

Ethiopian Nile dam manager Simegnew Bekele found dead in his car

(Reuters) – The project manager of a $4 billion Ethiopian dam being built on the river Nile has been found dead, a Reuters photographer said on Thursday.

The photographer observed blood stains along an arm rest inside his car – a Toyota Landcruiser – before an ambulance took away the corpse. State media also reported the death, without disclosing the cause.

“Engineer Simegnew Bekele was found dead in his car this morning in Meskel Square. His body has been taken to hospital for an autopsy,” Fana Broadcasting Corporation said, referring to an area in the center of the capital.

Simegnew project-managed the Grand Renaissance Dam, centerpiece of Ethiopia’s bid to become Africa’s biggest power exporter. The country plans to spend some $12 billion on harnessing its rivers for hydro power in the next two decades.

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