2 Clean Rooms Available for Rent in Single House


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We have two clean rooms available for rent in a single house. Separate enternace and very quiet neighborhood near White Oak Shopping center silver spring, MD. Full Bathroom and Kitchen, Parking space available.
If you interested renting individually or together give us a call. Rent only for no smokers.
To see the rooms please call me on below number.

ለዋይት ኦክ ሾፒንግ ሴንተር ቅርብ የሆነ አካባቢ 2 ትልልቅ ንጹህ ክፍሎች ይከራያሉ::  የተሟላ መታጠቢያ ቤት እና ማብሰያ ያለው: የራሱ መግቢያና መውጫ ያለው : ለመኪና ማቆሚያ አመቺ የሆነ እና ጸጥ ያለ ሰፈር ውስጥ ያለ: አንዱን ክፍል ወይም በአጠቃላይ ለመከራየት ከፈለጉም ይችላሉ: ለማያጨው ሰው ብቻ::
ለተጨማሪ በሚከተለው ቁጥር ይደውሉልኝ


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