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One Bedroom Full Basement for Rent


የራሱ መግቢያ እና መውጫ ያለው በጣም ንጹህ የሆነ ባለ አንድ መኝታ ቤት ቤዝመንት ይከራያል።

የራሱ የሆነ ሙሉ መታጠቢያ ቤት: ሳሎን እና ማብሰያ ቤት ያለው: ዩንቨርስቲ ብሉቫርድ እና ካሮል ላይ ያለ ለትራንስፖርት በጣም አመቺ የሆነ ፥ ሱቆች እና ሌሎች አገልግሎቶች ባቅራቢያው ያሉት፥ ለሲልቨር ስፕሪንግ ቅርብ የሆነ። መኪና ማቆሚያ ያለው።

ለማያጨስ ሰው

በተጨማሪ ለመረዳት እና ቤቱን ለማየት በሚከተለው ቁጥር ይደውሉን።

240 -838-2071 or 240 -838-2074

We have a very clean one-bedroom full basement with its own full bathroom and kitchen available for rent.  The basement has a separate entrance and exit. Located at University Blvd. and Caroll ave. close to shopping places. WiFi and Parking available.

Rent only for Non-smokers. Suitable for couples.

Interested to see or for more info contact us:

240 -838-2071 or 240 -838-2074

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Additional Information

StreetUniversity Blvd
CitySilver spring
CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code20906
Contact Phone240 -838 2071

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